Hydrotherapy reviews

Hear about the benefits hydrotherapy has had on some of our clients


My guide dog Iggy has been attending hydrotherapy for over a year now. Iggy was diagnosed with a chronic shoulder condition. Sadly The condition is not curable but manageable by fortnightly hydrotherapy sessions.


Kirsty is such a lovely lady she is absolutely wonderful at making Iggy feel relaxed in the hydrotherapy treadmill. Iggy tolerates the sessions very well despite not being that keen on water. Kirsty is extremely professional and has involved me in Iggys treatment, I’m kept regularly updated on her treatment and looked after so well.


I have a severe visual impairment but this has never been a problem and everything is explained to me. I am extremely grateful for the hard work.


Although I don’t see Nicola that often I also want to say how wonderful she has been as well. She has also had some involvement in Iggys treatment and taken great care of Iggy during the session.


In my option this is the most wonderful place I have been there care and support is outstanding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to two wonderful people Kirsty & Nicola.


Linda & Iggy Xx


Thanks to under water treadmill and physio therapy Freya is still able to chase her brother around the fields in spite of a diagnosis of canine degenerative myelopathy. We can’t thank you enough.


Galaxy our chocolate Labrador a Yulin survivor was diagnosed with IVDD. The surgeon suggested we try hydrotherapy for her to see if that would help with her mobility before any surgery.


We found Bourne Veterinarians as I had researched the great reviews.


Were to begin? Galaxy had a fear of being in water as she was used to being hosed down in her cages during captivity. We met Kirsty who made sure Galaxy was comfortable and Galaxy surprised us all with having no issue with the tank. We have been going to see Kirsty and Nicola at Bourne since Dec 13 2022. We started off weekly and we are now every other week.  We have all found that she has thrived with their expertise. They work tirelessly in the tank with Galaxy and even advise us on additional exercises we can do at home. We have felt completely safe knowing our baby is in safe hands. She has improved so much... Yes, we are the annoying loud cheerleaders encouraging Galaxy as she walks. We can not thank you enough for everything you do for our baby.

Thank you Kirsty and Nicola.


Galaxy Waugh

IG @galaxyincalifornia


Duke has been having hydrotherapy for 3 years.


He was referred to Bourne Veterinary Practice after a series of operations over a 14 month period. He had the cruciate ligament and then the meniscus removed in each hind leg. He was very weak and had lost a lot of muscle in his legs as a result. He immediately responded well to the treatment.


At first he needed weekly treatments but this was gradually reduced and now he goes once a month. This means Nicola and Kirsty can cast their expert eyes on how he is doing in these sessions and ensure any problems are picked up in his gait or muscle strength. It helps him keep his stamina and strength up and also gives him good mental stimulation. He seems to love his sessions in the warm water tank and is always pleased to see Nicola and Kirsty.


As an owner, is it very reassuring to know Duke has these regular sessions with such experienced and knowledgeable people. At nearly seven years old Duke is in great health, very fit and happy. Much of this is due to his regular hydro therapy sessions.