We offer hydrotherapy and land-based treatments in Kent

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At Bourne Veterinary Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation services, we offer aquatic and land-based treatments

Bourne Veterinary Rehabilitation serves patients across Kent, lead by our fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses Nicola Robertson & Kirsty Streater.

Our high standard of treatment and care, as well as good communication with you throughout, ensures your pet is carefully managed in order to fully aid their recovery.

If you feel your pet would benefit from our services, please get in touch or contact your veterinary surgeon for a referral.

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Our treatment protocols are directed at managing conditions in a controlled, proprioceptively-enriched environment to ensure patients’ return to as normal a function as possible.

We Treat:

  • Chronic conditions – both orthopaedic and neurological
  • Pre-op and post-operatively
  • Post injury/trauma
  • General fitness
  • Obesity management
  • Geriatrics
  • Growth and developmental conditions

All treatement are guided by a Small Animal Veterinary Physiotherapist.

This differs to a hydrotherapist as they encompass all aspects of hydrotherapy, veterinary physiotherapy and behavioural understanding to deliver a complete package for the patient’s recovery.

How to refer a patient

1. Download and complete the referral form here

2. Fax or email the form with relevant medical history to 01227 832888 or

3. Once the form has been sent, the client can get in touch for an initial assessment

Or you can refer online using our online referral form