Cat Friendly

We are a silver standard ISFM accredited clinic in Bekesbourne, Kent

In February 2017, Bourne Veterinary Practice opened the first cat-only clinic in Kent as we recognised that cats are unique and very susceptible to stress.

At our cat clinic, we aim to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible and create an experience for them that feels calm and safe.

We have been accredited as a Silver Standard Cat-Friendly Clinic.

We have designed a clinic specifically for cats with lots of bench space so cat cages don’t need to be placed on the floor. The Clinic is air-conditioned throughout and benefits from feline friendly pheromones being constantly released to help relax your cat after a potentially stressful journey to us.

Our calm, comfortable, modern and well-equipped surroundings include large cages with glass doors which ensures cats can’t see each other or their reflections and there is less noise, in particular, no scary barking dogs. Our large consulting rooms contain a cat climbing frame to help us assess your cat’s mobility. All our vets and nurses are specifically educated to handle cats and decrease their stress. Also, we have 20 minute consultation times so there is no rushed handling.

“The carefully designed clinic ensures your cat receives the most specialised treatment specifically for their needs.”

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