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About Us

Bourne Veterinary Hydrotherapy is run by our Registered Veterinary Nurses and Qualified Hydrotherapists, Nicola Andrews and Kirsty Streater and is one of the only veterinary-based Hydrotherapy Clinics in East Kent.

As qualified professionals, we are committed to setting the highest standards and provide a calm, friendly environment for veterinary rehabilitation.

We focus on keeping up to date with current practice, and will use therapeutic handling and positive behavioural modification to create the most comfortable and effective approach to your pets treatment.

Our Sessions

Our hydrotherapy treadmill uses heated water and reduced weight bearing exercise to provide water-based rehabilitation.

We allow at least one and a half hours for the initial assessment to give your pet time to get to know us and vice versa. We will spend time allowing them to get used to the environment and to familiarise them with the hydrotherapy setting and equipment and work at their pace.

We will also discuss what your veterinary surgeon has informed us about your pet’s condition. The information you give us will help us to build a picture of your pets needs, and together we will make a treatment plan for short term and longer-term management.

Following their initial assessment they will then have a dedicated ONE hour time slot for each session

(please note: the patient will not be in water for the whole duration of the hour but allows time to spend with yourself and the patient to provide a positive experience)

Initial Assessment (1.5 hours) £82
Follow up Sessions (1 hour) £55

Conditions that we can treat

  • Chronic conditions – both orthopaedic and neurological   
  • Pre-op and post-operatively
  • Post injury/trauma
  • Arthritis
  • General fitness including working, performance and agility    
  • Obesity management
  • Growth and developmental conditions

If you feel your pet would benefit from our services or if you have any questions regarding hydrotherapy please get in touch or contact your veterinary surgeon for a referral.

How to refer a patient

1. Download and complete the referral form here

2. Email the form with relevant medical history to info@bournevets.co.uk

3. Once the form has been sent, we will contact the client directly

Or you can refer online using our online referral form

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

By Appointment Only

8.30am and 6pm appointments are available (subject to availability)

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